SMS from 0.060 PLN

SMS pricing

The amount of the top-up (determines the amount of the settlement rate) Price for 1 ECO+ SMS Price for 1 FULL SMS
25 - 499 PLN 0.09 PLN 0.13 PLN
500 - 1 999 PLN 0.08 PLN 0.12 PLN
2 000 - 4 999 PLN 0.07 PLN 0.11 PLN
5 000 - 9 999 PLN 0.065 PLN 0.10 PLN
from 10 000 PLN 0.06 PLN 0.09 PLN

The minimum top-up amount is 25 PLN net.

Check the difference between ECO+ and FULL SMS

Comparison of ECO+ and FULL SMS

The following table shows a comparison of capabilities of Full and ECO+ SMS.

Editing sender ID field: NO YES
Cost for 1 SMS: for 0.06 PLN for 0.09 PLN
The maximum length of an SMS: 918 characters 918 characters
Polish characters: NO YES
Delivery reports: NO YES
SMS replies: NO YES*
Personalized SMS: YES YES

* The answers are only backed by dialing sender's number of platform.

That's not all!

Our customers pay only for sent SMS messages, we absolutely do not charge any additional fees and subscriptions.
Name Value
Subscription 0,00 PLN
Installing and activation of service 0,00 PLN
Access to the Customer Panel 0,00 PLN
Access through WebAPI 0,00 PLN
Incoming messages 0,00 PLN
Contacts and group managing YES
Technical support 0,00 PLN
Personalized SMS YES
Single or group text messages YES
Extra charge for Flash SMS 0,00 PLN
Extra charge for WAP Push 0,00 PLN

See how you can activate cheaply, quickly and easily your own SMS package.
All prices are net values and 23% VAT is required to add.

* for 400 ECO+ or FULL SMS.

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